Forms, Templates and Resources

Forms, templates, guidelines and additional resources for institutions and students.

Admission Requirements Guide (DOCX)
Attendance Policy – Sample (RTF)
BC PTIB Designation Mark Terms of Use (PDF)
Business Plan – Template (DOCX)
Commissioner Practice Directive for Oral Hearing Requests (PDF)
Commissioner’s Rules of Practice and Procedure - Appeals (PDF)
Course Outline – Sample (DOCX)
Dismissal Policy – Sample (RTF)
Dispute Resolution Policy – Sample (DOCX)
Grade Appeal Policy – Sample (DOCX)
Guide for Institutions Appointed by the Registrar to Offer Comparable Programs (PDF)
Institution Application (PDF) [Help with fill-in forms]
Irrevocable Letter of Credit (PDF)
Learning Objectives Guide (DOCX)
New Program Application Program Evaluation (DOCX)
Notice of Appeal (PDF)
Organization Chart – Sample (RTF)
Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Application (PDF)
Program Outline – Sample (DOCX)
Reference Guide for Student Data Report (PDF)
Registrar’s Rules of Practice and Procedure for Reconsiderations (PDF)
Respectful and Fair Treatment of Students Policy - Sample (DOCX)
Request for Reconsideration (PDF)
Request for Review of Administrative Penalty for Uncertified Institutions (DOCX)
Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Guidelines
Student Enrolment Contract – Approved Program – Sample (DOCX)
Student Enrolment Contract – Program that Does Not Require Approval – Guidelines (DOCX)
Student Enrolment Contract - Program that Does Not Require Approval - Sample (DOCX)
Surety Bond (PDF)
Work Experience Agreement – Sample (DOCX)
Work Experience Guide (DOCX)
Work Experience Policy – Sample (DOCX)