Forms, Templates and Resources

Forms, templates, guidelines and additional resources for institutions and students.


Note that amendments to the Private Training Regulation and Fees and Student Tuition Protection Fund Regulation come into effect September 1, 2021. The amendments will necessitate changes to some templates and samples. Updated templates and samples will be posted under the “Forms for Institutions – Regulatory Amendments 2021” tab of this page as they are available. Information about the amendments can be found on the Regulatory Amendments 2021 page

BC PTIB Designation Mark Terms of Use (PDF)
Institution Application (PDF) [Help with fill-in forms] As of January 1, 2019, certified institutions must submit all new program and program change applications through the PTI Portal. All other applications should be submitted using this Institution Application (PDF).
Notice of Appeal (PDF)
Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Application (PDF)
Request for Reconsideration (PDF)


Attendance Policy – Sample (RTF)
Business Plan – Template (DOCX)
Course Outline – Sample (DOCX)
Dismissal Policy – Sample (RTF)
Dispute Resolution Policy – Sample (DOCX)
Grade Appeal Policy – Sample (DOCX)
Irrevocable Letter of Credit (PDF)
Organization Chart – Sample (RTF)
Program Evaluation Report Template (DOCX)
Program Outline – Sample (DOCX)
Respectful and Fair Treatment of Students Policy - Sample (DOCX)
Student Enrolment Contract – Approved Program – Sample (DOCX)
Student Enrolment Contract - Program that Does Not Require Approval - Sample (DOCX)
Surety Bond (PDF)
Tuition Refund Policy – Approved Program Sample (DOCX)
Work Experience Agreement – Sample (DOCX)
Work Experience Policy – Sample (DOCX)


Commissioner Practice Directive for Oral Hearing Requests (PDF)
Commissioner’s Rules of Practice and Procedure - Appeals (PDF)
Compliance Tips (PDF)
Designation Review Report (DOCX)
Guide for Institutions Appointed by the Registrar to Offer Comparable Programs (PDF)
Guidelines for Subject Matter Experts and Program Evaluators (PDF)
Registrar’s Rules of Practice and Procedure for Reconsiderations (PDF)
Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Guidelines
Student Data Report Reference Guide (PDF)
Student Enrolment Contract – Program that Does Not Require Approval – Guidelines (DOCX)
What to Expect When You’re Inspected (PDF)


Admission Requirements Guide (DOCX)
Intake Models and Class Size Guide (DOCX)
Learning Objectives Guide (DOCX)
New Program Evaluation Guide (DOCX)
Work Experience Guide (DOCX)