Subject Matter Experts and Program Evaluations

Institutions submitting a program for approval may be required to provide a program evaluation.

Designated/interim designated institutions applying for approval of a Class A program must submit a program evaluation unless the registrar has informed the institution that an evaluation, or certain elements of the evaluation, is not required.

The registrar may also require a program evaluation from a registered institution who submits a Class A program for approval, a designated/interim designated institution who submits a Class B or Class C program for approval, or an institution who submits a program change that requires approval.  

It is the responsibility of the institution to pay for the program evaluation. 

The registrar may appoint subject matter experts (SME) as inspectors.

SMEs and program evaluators must have expertise in career occupations that are relevant to the program of instruction. They must not receive any benefit from the institution, other than the payment from the evaluation, nor be a related party. 

For more information about program evaluations, see the Guidelines for Subject Matter Experts and Program Evaluators, or Chapter 2 of the Private Training Act Policy Manual

The Private Training Institutions Branch has opened a new Request for Services on the BC Bid website for interested individuals to apply to be approved by PTIB as an SME for the purposes of conducting program evaluations and determining compliance with the Private Training Act and associated regulations. To apply, visit BC Bid, select “Opportunities” at the top lefthand side of the page, and enter the Opportunity ID: 181048 and click “Search.”