Career Occupations and Other Regulators

Some programs lead to employment in career occupations regulated by other regulators.

A regulator is a provincial or federal statutory body that requires an individual to hold membership, accreditation, licensing or registration to be authorized to work in a specific occupation. For example, practical nurses (PN) must be licensed by the BC College of Nurses & Midwives (BCCNM), a BC regulator, in order to work in BC. PN programs must be recognized by the BCCNM.

PTIB requires institutions offering programs leading to employment in a career regulated by a regulator to maintain evidence they meet the requirements set by the regulator. For example, we require institutions offering a PN program to maintain evidence the program is recognized by the BCCNM.

The list below includes the regulator and the corresponding career occupations. Before enrolling in a program, you should review the requirements set by the regulator to practice the career occupation in BC.


Career Occupation

BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM)

Practical Nurse; Registered Nurse; Psychiatric Nurse

College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC)

Pharmacy Technician

College of Dental Hygienists of BC (CDHBC)

Dental Hygiene

College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC)

Dental Assistant

College of Dental Technicians of BC (CDTBC)

Dental Technician

College of Denturists of BC (CDBC)


College of Dietitians of BC (CDBC)

Dietician; Registered Dietitian

College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC)

Massage Therapy; Massage Therapist; Registered Massage Therapy/Therapist

College of Opticians of BC (COBC)

Optician; Dispensing Optician; Contact Lens Fitter

College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (CTCMA)

Traditional Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture

Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC)

Restricted/Unrestricted Scuba Diver; Restricted/Unrestricted Surface-Supplied Diver; Closed Bell Diver

Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB)

Emergency Medical Assistant; First Responder

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)

Immigration Consultant; Immigration Practitioner

Transport Canada (TC)

Flight Training – Commercial Pilot; Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Flight Rating; Airline Transport Pilot; Maritime/Marine Training

We note that the following organizations, while not regulatory bodies, may set requirements to work in specific occupations.


Career Occupation

BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry (the Registry)

Acute Care Aide; Health Care Assistant; Personal Support Worker

BC Society of Laboratory Science (BCSLS)

Medical Laboratory Assistant

Early Childhood Educator Registry (within BC Ministry of Children and Family Development)

Early Childhood Educator; Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Industry Training Authority (ITA)

Trades (over 100 programs)