Help with Fill-in PDF Forms

New fill-in PDF Forms

We are deploying a new series of fill-in PDF forms to assist institutions, students, and individuals interacting with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). These forms will provide you with instructions to complete the form and will include upfront validation of the information that you enter to reduce errors, avoiding delays in the processing of the form. To take advantage of these enhanced features these new forms require the use of the free Adobe Reader software.

Important notes on fill-in forms

Minimum software version: Adobe Reader 10.0
Download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software.
  • The information you enter in these fill-in forms will NOT be electronically transmitted to PTIB
  • Our fill-in forms enable you to start with a blank form, enter data into it, and print it

How to use fill-In PDF forms

  • Use the mouse to select (click on) a specific field
  • Use the Tab key to move through the fields. Shift + Tab will go to the previous field
  • Use the space bar or click the mouse button to mark or unmark a box
  • If a form is more than one page, use the scroll bar to move from page to page
  • After filling out the form and reviewing it, select the Print button on the form, or press Ctrl-P on a PC, or Command-P on a Mac
  • You can save the form as an electronic copy for your records or you can click on the Reset button to clear all the entered data to protect your information from any other users of this computer
  • Sign and mail in your completed form
  • Opening these forms may take a little bit longer to allow the enhanced features to load


The most common issue that people run into when attempting to open PDF forms is browser-based. Instead of using the free Adobe Reader, some browsers try to open the PDF form with their own viewer which can't properly handle the enhanced PDF content.

Smartphone and Tablet

Most mobile devices allow users to open and view PDF forms but the current generation of Adobe Reader for mobile devices does not allow you to complete our application forms.

Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome

The integrated PDF viewers in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome will not allow you to complete our forms. Make sure Adobe Reader is installed.

Download a local copy

You can save the PDF forms to your computer then open it.

  1. Right-click on the forms link and select:
    • Save Target As... (Internet Explorer);
    • Save Link As... (Chrome or FireFox); or
    • Download Linked File As... (Safari).
  2. In the new window, select Desktop then click Save.
  3. Proceed to opening the form in Adobe Reader section of this page.

Opening the form in Adobe Reader

Locate the form on your Desktop, right-click and select Open With, then select Adobe Reader.

Clearing the cache

Select your browser to learn how to clear your browser's cache.