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The Private Training Act (PTA) and associated regulations set standards and requirements with which institutions must comply. 

When institutions contravene the PTA or regulations, the registrar may use one or more of the following enforcement tools. Each of these tools has progressively more serious implications for institutions:

  • Compliance orders (PTA, s.32)
  • Administrative penalties (PTA, s.33)
  • Suspension of a certificate (PTA, s.36)
  • Cancellation of a certificate (PTA, s.37)

Institutions may request a reconsideration of certain decisions of the registrar, including a decision to suspend a certificate and a decision to impose an administrative penalty. Institutions may file an appeal to the commissioner of the registrar’s reconsideration decision and decision to cancel a certificate.

Enforcement Tool Implications
Compliance Order
  • When issued, the institution must address any contraventions of the PTA or regulations identified in the compliance order by a specified deadline.
  • Compliance orders may be published in the Institution Directory. 
Administrative Penalty
  • When imposed, an institution must pay a specific amount for having contravened the PTA or regulations.
  • Administrative penalties are published in the Institution Directory for at least two years.
Suspension of a Certificate
  • While suspended, an institution must not advertise, contract with or enrol new students at any location for which a certificate is suspended until the suspension is lifted. Current students may continue their studies.
  • Suspension information will be published in the Institution Directory for at least two years.
Cancellation of a Certificate
  • When cancelled, an institution must immediately stop providing or offering to provide any career-related programs that meet the career training thresholds (PTR, s.4) at the location for which the certificate has been cancelled..
  • The institution may not apply for a certificate for at least one year.
  • Cancellation information will be published in the Institution Directory for at least two years.


Programs with a status of Approved have been reviewed and approved by the registrar and must meet established compliance standards. Students enrolled in programs with a status of Approved are eligible to submit a claim against the Student Tuition Protection Fund (the ‘Fund’).

Programs with a status of Does not require approval have not been reviewed or approved by the registrar. The Fund does not protect students at uncertified institutions or students in programs that do not require approval.

Note that some programs are regulated and may be approved or recognized by other regulatory authorities.

Please refer to the Be an Informed Student page for more information.

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