Recent and Upcoming Inspections

PTIB can inspect institutions at any time. No notice is required, but most inspections are scheduled in advance.

During an inspection, inspectors have the authority to observe the delivery of programs, interview students and staff, and review student and instructor records.

Inspections are conducted to determine whether institutions are in compliance with the Private Training Act and regulations.

Non-compliance may result in enforcement actions. To find out whether an enforcement action has been taken against an institution, look for institutions marked with a flag () in the Private Training Institution Directory.

Anyone can contact the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) to make a complaint about a private training institution in BC. To make a complaint, go to the General Complaints and Tuition Refunds Claims page.

The table below lists inspections conducted in the last 3 months and those to be conducted soon:

ACE Community College (ID-04040)
Ajna Yoga Teacher Training (ID-03723)
Can-Quest ESL Academy (ID-03952)
Canada International Royal Arts College (ID-04269)
Canadian Film and Television Institute (ID-03792)
Canadian Institute for Blended Learning (ID-04371)
CCS Capstone College (ID-04469)
CodeCore College (ID-03906)
Columbia Bible College (ID-00019)
East West College (ID-04373)
Fraser Coastal International College (ID-04254)
Glenn College (ID-04356)
Pacific Coast Community College (ID-03364)
Pacific Horticulture College (ID-00529)
Story Institute (ID-04423)
Strava College (ID-01737)
Sunny International College (ID-04224)
Tamwood Language Centres (ID-03960)
United Pacific College (ID-02103)
Vancouver Premier College of Hospitality Management Ltd. (ID-02048)