Orientation Sessions

It is a requirement under the Private Training Act (PTA) for first time applicants for a certificate to attend an orientation session within 6 months of applying for a certificate. The session must be completed by someone legally authorized to act on behalf of the institution, or the Senior Educational Administrator for the institution..

Institutions may participate in any session either in person or via webinar, however there is a limit to the number of participants that can be accommodated at each session. A waitlist will be established once each session is full. Each session will run from approximately 9:00AM – 12:00PM.

Future orientation sessions will be scheduled approximately once per month and offered as both webinars and in-person sessions.

Register for a Session


In order to participate in the webinar you will require:

  • Java on your computer, and
  • Either headphones or speakers connected to your computer

Approximately two days before the scheduled webinar, you will be provided with the link to connect to the webinar.

The Private Training Act Information Sessions 2016 - Questions and Answers document is a compilation of questions asked by institutions at Private Training Act information sessions held by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency from June through August, 2016, and the answers provided by PCTIA.